Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Omo Esu Laroye

I am a child of Esu, and the path of Esu I embody is Laroye. From Orishalist.com: Eshu Laroye: Eshu Laroye is closely related to Oshun in her role as guardian of mysteries, sensuality and fertility. The word “Laroye” in a very loose translation (I don’t know any better…) would mean something like “close to, or related to, the Mothers”, which is one of the praise names for Oshun. In Santeria, Laroye is the Eshu that stands guard behind the door in his clay vessel. Phil Wayne’s point of view from Umbanda adds: Laroye is the shyster … the lawyer. If you want to win a lawsuit because you are right, go to Oxossi. If you want to win, no matter if you are right or wrong, go to Laroye. He is often pictured as a man in a business suit with a briefcase at his side, perched on a red and black trident.

Also, Eshu Alaroye is always placed behind or close to the door, guarding the home. He likes to wander the streets a lot and is involved in money and trade transactions; he can attract money or cause great losses. Alaroye is a great friend of Oshun, and works with her a lot. One time he came to her protection when Sango was trying to overpower and take advantage of her. Oshun yelled for Alaroye, and he came and stood between her and Sango, telling him to leave; the Orisa of lightning had to listen, and moved on. Laroye Biba-Kikeno, is a path of Laroye that works closely with Ifa, and let’s the Babalawo know who is coming to see him.


Dre said...

I sometimes would like to know "whom holds my head" but I am also aware of the responsibility for that knowledge so I am a bit apprehensive. Regardless, I continually seek advise from my elders and ancestors. Ashe'

Anonymous said...

To Dave , when you receive your eleke , you are given guardian orisha , but until you receive ocha you will not truly know. That is what I have always been taught